Most Isla Vista Leases end Tuesday, 6/25/23 at 9am, but please check your lease for your unit specific date.

You must be completely vacated from your unit by 9am on your lease end date. We are not offering any lease extensions.

All keys are to be left on the kitchen counter. Do not mail your keys to us. Please coordinate amongst your roommates who will be collecting and leaving the keys on the kitchen counter. We will not accept keys after 9am on 6/25. No exceptions.

Bikes must be removed from the bike racks. We do not offer bike storage past 9am on your lease end date. 

In addition to all conditions listed in your lease, we offer you the following move out reminders:

CLEANING: Upon move out you are expected to leave the unit in the same condition of cleanliness as when you moved in. Under the terms of your lease all cleaning must be done by a licensed professional. All flooring must be professionally steamed cleaned and free of any stains or residue. We are happy to hire the steam cleaners after your lease ends; the cost will just be deducted from your security deposit. This is what most tenants choose to do. We will not negotiate with your cleaners if the unit is not cleaned to our standards, nor will we contact you to let you know more cleaning is needed. Any cleaning that is needed to bring your unit to move in condition will be deducted from your security deposit.

PAINTING: We recommend that you do NOT patch, spackle or spot paint. Even if you, your dad, brother, boyfriend, or cousin is a ‘professional painter’ we would rather you not complete the repair. We will re-repair and re-paint over any noticeable repairs. It will be cheaper for you to have the original damage repaired by our contractor, instead of having our contractor repair your ‘repairs.’

LIGHTS AND ALARMS: All lightbulbs must be working. All smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms need to be intact and installed in their original locations. Non-working or missing light bulbs and disabled or missing alarms are replaced at tenant cost.

ABANDONED ITEMS: Personal property and/or trash left in or around the exterior of the premises, believed to be less than $700 in value, after 9am on 6/25 will be disposed of with no further warning. Labor and hauling fees will be charged against your security deposit. We will split in hauling done in common areas between all units on the property. Do not pile trash or items around or in your trash enclosure, near your cans or dumpster. We will haul any trash not in the cans, at your expense. Bikes must be removed from bike racks. Marborg will be doing daily curbside pickup for furniture during Isla Vista move outs.  It is your responsibility to check what dates they pick up, and to follow their rules and procedures. If we have to haul items they have not removed by 9am on 6/25, you will be charged for hauling and disposal.

If you are looking to donate unwanted items, consider “Give Isla Vista”