Lease Transfers & Subleasing

Please note:  *We do not review or process requests for Lease Transfers between June 10th and July 20th*

If something comes up and you need to have someone take your spot on the lease for the rest of the year:

  1. Contact IVP.
  2. You need to have the new roommate fill out an application. They will need a Guarantor. IVP will email them both links for applications.
  3. You, the new roommate, everyone currently on the lease, as well as all Guarantors, will need to complete a Lease Transfer Addendum.
  4. The fee for Lease Transfers is outlined in your Lease.
  5. A Lease Transfer must be fully executed before anyone new may move into your residence. 

If you are looking to Sublease for part of your term:

  1. Contact IVP - Subleases must be approved in advance. 
  2. You, your subleaser, and everyone currently on the lease, will need to agree with the Sublease and sign a Subleasing form. 
  3. The fee for Subleasing is outlined in your Lease.
  4. A sublease must be approved buy IVP, and Sublease form be fully executed before anyone new may move into your residence.